Why We Moved to Manila

Have you ever wondered why there are some things that you wanted to do in your life but you just can't because you always think tha...

Have you ever wondered why there are some things that you wanted to do in your life but you just can't because you always think that none of it would work out?

Well, it was an issue to me and my twin back then. We were surrounded by people who told us that we had no chance of living outside our comfort zone; that none of our dreams would turn into reality; that we won't make it; and all the negativities they tried to point out.

But nonetheless, we took chances and risked everything we could to chase our dreams even if it means getting away with our provincial life and starting anew on the city.

This was our dream. It may sound petty and lame but who wouldn't wanna experience life in the city? We wanted to discover ourselves and what we really want and we couldn't find it if we settled ourselves to somewhere we knew wouldn't make us happy. So we told our parents that we wanted to explore and to work in Manila. That's the reason why we got here. 

Our first time in Manila wasn't just pure happiness and euphoria. We had our fair share of sadness, downfall and most especially homesick. But then we always go back. We always go back on why we made these choices. On why we're here, to begin with. And what's our main reason to be here. Just the thought of it, our urge to do well and to bear every hardship grew stronger. 

Shot using Fujifilm XA3

So what exactly are the reasons why we wanted to go to Manila?

Here we are going to list down all the reasons why we came all the way to Manila.

1. We needed to find a job to finance and sustain ourselves. 

Since it is our decision to live in Manila, it is also our duty to provide for ourselves. We needed to find jobs that will help us pay our bills especially our apartment. We live in Makati so the price of apartments are quite high so we have to make enough saving to pay our monthly rent. It was really hard because we never depended on our parents. We provide everything on our own (well except for the time we had to pay 2 months advance and 1-month deposit: thanks to our Papa for helping us hihi). That was the only time we asked for some money. Life was really tough especially if you're still establishing your career. Having a twin is a good thing because we get to share expenses.  We made everything easy by dividing it into two. LOL, this one really helped us. More than a lot. Haha

2. We love coffees 

Ever since we were in Bacolod, coffees are our only best friend. Coffees are our companion when we had to stay up all night doing all school works, review, thesis, exams and bonding with friends. It played well in our lives and coming here in Manila, we get to explore more of the coffee shops that were not in Bacolod. We went here to explore and somewhat look for good coffee shops to visit. Hihih We had one favorite shop and I guess many people actually love this place not only because they offer lesser price for their coffees but also because their coffees are made heavenly  (that is how I really described it as I was sipping my iced coffee). The coffee shop we're referring to is no other than Tim Hortons. They had the best-served coffee ever! We wished everyone would get to know that.

3.  We wanted to improve in photography and videography

We must admit that one of the reasons why we're here is because we wanted to be a blogger and influencer. But in order to be one, we first need to be knowledgeable in taking photos and getting good shots. Having a nice phone around whether it's an iPhone or Android is a good start. Take photos and add some filter on will surely give you a good outcome. But since we wanted to get a nice and better quality photo, we invested in buying a new camera. We bought our Fujifilm XA3 last July 2018 and it really does work magic on our photos. But the video quality is incomparable to our Nikon D3200. Nikon has a better video quality than Fujifilm. So our pick, photos- Fujifilm and for videos, we'd go with Nikon. This is solely our own opinion but nonetheless whatever works fine and feels comfortable to you is an advantage.

Here are our sample shots. We usually edit our photos in lightroom. It's a common app and it's free. You can choose a style or presets you're comfortable with and you can adjust the photos to your liking.

4.  We wanted to explore the city

Never imagined how beautiful life is seeing different skyscrapers especially at night. Back when we were in Bacolod, we always wonder how living in the city would be like. Bacolod's already a city but there were only a few establishments built and it is still on the process of industrialization.  So living in a new environment is really nostalgic. The life here in Manila is way different compared to our place. Probably because the cost of living here is a bit more expensive.  But we aren't complaining, ginusto namin to eh hahaha (we wanted this hahaha)

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