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I know summer's officially over and rainy days has come but I would like to share my beach/summer essentials as a way of ending th...

I know summer's officially over and rainy days has come but I would like to share my beach/summer essentials as a way of ending the summer season here in the philippines. 

1. Maybelline Baby Lips (anti-oxidant berry) - since it's hot outside, it is a must for everyone to protect their lips from the sun since it causes dryness and could sometimes lead to the cracking of the lips. For me, this maybelline product is my go-to lip balm since it moisturizes my lips really well and it's also very handy and smells real good.

2. Dear Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream - this product is so good that I ran out of it already and what you're seeing in the picture is just the bottle I have left. I usually put this on my face every morning before putting my make up on and every night when I clean my face. This is so hydrating and moisturizing! One of the best soothing cream you should have on your list.

3. Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner - this basically cleans the inside and outside pores of your skin. Tightens the pores and gives you a clearer skin. A must have.

4. Rovectin Anti-irritant UV Defense - I love this! I have 2 of this and the other one is not tinted but this one is. This is basically a foundation which has SPF50+ definitely a must for this sunny season!

5. Avon Feelin Fresh Deo - since it's really hot outside you get all sweaty and sometimes unwanted odors are unstoppable when it comes but this one does magic! I've been using this for months now and this one doesn't have any smell at all! Not even an odor. My fav deo from Avon๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ™Š

6. Rojukiss Pore Tightening Source - I have 2 pore tightening products that I currently use right now. This is a serum that you apply on your face where pores are usually visible to the naked eye. This does good in tightening the pores. I always keep this one with me.

BONUS: The Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Now is my go to fragrance mist! Smells really good as told by my friends. Charles & Keith sunglasses- can we all just agree that sunglasses are the basic must-have this summer especially here in the Philippines where it's always hot even on wet season. So that's about it! Hope you'll check these products out! 

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  1. Lovely choices!

    1. Thanks <3 these are great brands for starters ;)

  2. Great selections! I definitely have my eyes on some of the products. :)

    1. Really? yay! That's great! glad that we have you checking up on our interests <3


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