500 pesos shopping with known brands

Saan aabot ang 500 pesos mo? So in this blog post, I will be telling you on what stuff suited my budget which i...

Saan aabot ang 500 pesos mo?

So in this blog post, I will be telling you on what stuff suited my budget which is actually 500 pesos. Yup! You heard it right. 500!!! So basically we are all living in this technological world wherein everything new and branded are considered nothing but costly. And since I'm just an ordinary student who tries her hardest to buy stuff for herself without asking from parents, I saved some money. Who wouldn't wanna go on a shopping spree right?! Like the heck I wanna have those pair of shoes, that new cropped top on and lots of go to make up since I'm a make up addict as what others say. So without further ado, I'm gonna list the stuff I bought from H&M and Miniso. 

Miniso products
• False eyelashes- Php 99.00
• Two sided mirror- Php 149.00

H&M products
• Shoulder bags ( black&white)- Php 79.00 each
• Fashion ring (which I got on sale!)- Php 50.00 from Php 199.00

Php 99.00
Php 149.00
Php 79.00
Php 79.00
Php 50.00
Total: Php 456.00

Oh diba!! So to those students, kapos sa budget and kuripots out there, you can surely recreate my own budgeted shopping spree of worth 500 pesos! My only advice is that when you're trying to invest on something, be sure it's gonna be worth it. Don't buy stuff just because you feel like you wanna go trendy or cool but instead buy things that you can seriously use on your daily basis. And another advice, make sure you got the right time on. What I mean by right time is when everything is on SALE!!! So who would've thought everything I had here only costs 500 pesos? 

So to everyone out there, I hope my ideas helped you a lot if you're planning to go on a budgeted shopping spree. These stores surely have all the best things for you especially when they're on sale! And I believe there are so many stores that you might think would cost you a penny but if you don't go around searching cheap stuff hidden around the corner, you might missed your chance. 

If you tried everything I told you feel free to comment on this blog post!  If you want another things or gigs you want me and my sister to do feel free to follow us on our social media accounts located below this blog! Hope you had fun as much as I did while creating this post! Lol have a good day and may you continue to support more blog posts from us! Love youu all! And xoxo! 



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